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Reviews From our Satisfied Patients:

    I wish i had a picture of me before to show, but I was literally bent sideways before my first appointment. Finished my second visit and I definitely recommend.

    Roger R.

    Dr. Sullivan is a life saver! I injured my lower back very recently and was unable to bend/twist/lift without agonizing pain. She addressed the problem with soft tissue, an adjustment, and exercises to perform at home. I have to say, after one adjustment I was pain free!

    Caitlin S.

    I went to her because of lower back/hip/foot pain still haunting me after a lower lumbar surgery. Dr. Sullivan doesn't just adjust and send you on your way, she takes the time to find muscle imbalances and provide home exercises to increase healing. I am feeling 10 times better than I did after having surgery! I am recommending her to friends and acquaintances who are looking for chiropractic care. Thanks Dr. Sullivan!

    John L.

    The best in town!

    Ryan K.

    Dr. Sullivan has been great! I deal with recurring disc, knee and leg issues from sports and was recommended to check out her practice recently. The treatments have provided instant relief and continued improvement. Dr. Sullivan also works hard to prevent future issues by addressing key areas and provides great information to you about what you, yourself, can do extra to make sure your recovery continues. If you are in need of a Chiropractor, definitely give Dr. Sullivan a call. I didn't even know I needed one, but now I know better!

    Corey D.

    Dr. Sullivan is passionate about patient care. Highly recommend.

    Peg L.

    Dr. Sullivan worked on my pain issues as well as those of my wife. We feel relief from just the first visit. She coached us on some beneficial exercises. We look forward to continuing treatment and implementing her recommendations.

    Thomas M.

    Incredibly knowledgeable. I felt an immediate relief from my foot pain after treatment.

    Jim R.

    I walked into her practice with severe lower right back pain, a stiff neck from back to back car accidents and an insane headache! I literally could have floated out of there once she was done!! It's amazing how we don't notice how bad our bodies actually feel until they no longer are in pain! I felt instant relief in my neck, back, and my headache was gone shortly thereafter! GO SEE DR. SULLIVAN!!!! IT WILL BE THE BEST THING YOU'VE DONE FOR YOURSELF AND ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!!!!!

    Stephanie C.

    Had a wonderful experience. Dr. Sullivan was patient and thorough. I feel great!

    Tammy S.

    The adjustment itself, for me, was life changing! I fully expected that it would take several visits to make my back and neck pain dissipate, but after visit 1 I immediately noticed major improvement! Getting in and out my car effortlessly, no more crick in my neck, everything feels 'loser' and pain free! Dr Sullivan blew my skepticism out of the water!

    Debra H.

    Dr. Sullivan has been a huge help with my neck and back issues. I started seeing her weekly after a painful back injury, and I am now back to normal! She is very caring and attentive. And unlike many chiropractors, she wants you to improve outside her office as well, and gives simple yet effective exercises to do at home. I appreciate her holistic approach, and recommend her highly.

    Micaela L.

    Dr. Sullivan is professional, knowledgeable and goes the extra mile! She is passionate about her patients and it reflects in her work! I’ve never had a doctor with such extremity knowledge!

    Jillian J.

    Dr. Sullivan is amazing!! I’m an athlete and very hard on my body. Her knowledge of extremities has been a big help! Thanks

    Ashlee P.

    Dr. Sullivan has worked on chiropractic, massage, exercise therapy, and oils, all of which have worked quite well and I would recommend her to anyone!

    Rhonda C.

    My sleep after just one visit was great. I can move so much better. I can get up an down without holding on to anything. Best money I’ve ever spent. 100% satisfied.

    Tammy W.

    Dr. Sullivan is the best! She helped me with my plantar fasciitis that I had for years! Thanks again!

    Rabia R.
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